About Us

MCL Consultancy Ltd was established in 1996 to provide consultancy advice on the appropriate strategies for operating and maintaining physical assets.

With the development of facilities management companies for operating and maintaining non-core assets, many organisations have been examining the market place for operation and/or maintenance of their core productive assets. Whereas with non-core assets, responsibility for performance can be transferred to the supplier with minimal risk, the issues of risk, responsibility and accountability are high on the agenda when judging potential outsourcing of core activities. Separating maintenance from operation in order to outsource the maintenance activity has proved highly inappropriate in some market sectors, particularly where poor contractual arrangements have led to operational failures and subsequent litigation.

It is imperative, therefore, that there is clarity and understanding of the client’s asset maintenance strategy, current asset performance, client and supplier risk, and the roles and responsibilities of the supplier in any new working arrangement before embarking on any potential outsourcing initiative.

MCL Consultancy are specialists in advising clients on:

  • Development and implementation of asset operation and maintenance strategies
  • Operation and maintenance of distributed assets
  • Risk and accountability in outsourced maintenance arrangements
  • Development of successful client/supplier relationships
  • Application of NEC Service Contracts in the maintenance environment

MCL Consultancy delivers its advice through:

  • Facilitating development of asset operation and maintenance strategies at director level
  • Supporting the implementation of business wide major change strategies
  • Design, development and facilitation of interactive workshops
  • Intervention workshops to improve internal and/or suppliers working arrangement


"The way the teams were facilitated made it feel like we had control and ownership of key decisions in the workshops. The workshop processes also helped us to identify the key cultural changes needed in both the service provider and client functions.  Without the support of MCL Consultancy and their consulting and workshop processes, it is unlikely we would have achieved the benefits delivered as MCL brought a new dimension to facilitating change in South West Water."

Dr Stephen Bird, Operations Director, South West Water