Asset Maintenance

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • We employ directly all our maintenance staff but have found it difficult to recruit the right calibre of personnel no matter what pay we offer. Why?
  • We outsourced maintenance two years ago but despite the contractor meeting his contractual targets our plant performance is declining, availability is reducing and failures are on the increase. Why?
  • We tendered our maintenance contract recently with even tighter specifications and found the tendered prices to be higher than our current costs. Why?
  • We want to outsource maintenance but aren’t sure who to invite to tender. What should we do?
  • Our maintenance workforce will not change their attitude or approach but is outsourcing the right approach? What should we do?
  • Maintenance is a non-core activity but how much should be outsourced and what should we do ourselves?
  • We want to move to an Asset Owner/Service Provider model for running our operation in the future but what does this really mean?
  • How can we ensure that we don’t lose expertise when we go through an outsourcing process?
  • How do you get contractors to perform and deliver lower costs in the field of maintenance?
  • Our maintenance contractor’s not performing. What do I do?
  • What does asset operation and maintenance mean to my organization?

Just a sample of the many questions we get asked when advising organisations on their Asset Operation and Maintenance Strategy and their approach to improving and implementing their asset maintenance arrangements.

Practical, pragmatic and personalised support in helping you implement change in the field of asset operation and maintenance.