Asset Management and Terotechnology
By mikelevery - 04-06-2013 An editorial written for the Maintenance and Asset Management Journal May/June 2013 edition has also been printed in the AMMJ publication in Australia as an "opinion piece". The editorial argues that the principles of terotechnology within an asset management framework require re-visiting. This will enable the profile of maintenance to be raised, ensuring that assets perform to their optimum throughout their predicted life.

Moving against the flow
By mikelevery - 04-06-2013 The Institute of Asset Management has published a condensed version of the original article "Asset Management Models - a decade on" entitled "Moving against the flow" and is available in the articles and papers section of the website

Asset Management Models - A Decade On
By mikelevery - 24-01-2013 In August 2004 an article entitled "Are We Going The Wrong Way?" was published in the Institute of Asset Management's journal, "Assets". At the time, Mike Levery questioned the way companies were approaching asset management, and their failure to recognise the crucial relationship between operational maintenance and capital investment. The article was also published in "Maintenance and Asset Management" in August 2007. Following an update of the article including a review of the current situation in the water industry, a new article "Asset Management Models - a decade on" has been written. The pre-publication version of this article is available in the Articles and Papers section of the website.

The Partnering transition from Projects to Operations
By mikelevery - 09-01-2013 This article, published in the January 2013 edition of the Asset Management and Maintenance Journal, examines both risk and accountability for asset and financial performance when using partnering based contracts in delivering projects as against operating and maintaining assets. There are comparisons on contractual risk, objectives and measures, and financial management which clearly identify the differences in the contractual approach. The January 2013 AMMJ is in the Articles and Papers section of the website.

Risk and Accountability in Utility Networks
By mikelevery - 11-10-2012 An article and case study have been published in the August and October 2012 editions of Asset Management and Maintenance Journal, Australia's leading journal on asset management. Both the article and case study can be found in the articles and papers section of the website. Alternatively, the journal editions can be downloaded directly from the AMMJ at

Outsourcing in Utility Networks
By mikelevery - 25-06-2012 A presentation made to the Deming Alliance on how the structural changes associated with outsourcing have a profound and detrimental effect on all four aspects of Dr Deming's System of Profound Knowledge.